Monday, May 17, 2010

Returning to my birthplace

I cannot believe this day has finally arrived, it has come too quickly! I will be leaving tomorrow for Ghana, where I will spend a few days before traveling to Liberia. My internship begins June 1st, and as mentioned in my profile I will be working with the Philanthropy Secretariat within the Office of the President of Liberia. For more information on the Secretariat, please visit:

I am not a complete stranger to Liberia; though I am of Ghanaian heritage, I was born in Liberia. When my family left the country in April 1990, unbeknownst to us, it was merely six weeks before all flights in and out of the country were suspended, and the civil war began. This blog will give me the opportunity to write about the experience of returning to my birthplace, and the experience of working with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's administration.

Here are a couple random (and humorous) things that I have done and experienced in preparation for my trip:
- Buying a headlight (I've got to be prepared when the lights go out, and I thought a headlight was much cooler than a flashlight! Though I did purchase a flashlight as well). 

- Joining the Liberia expats google group, which has become a great resource for all things Liberian. Last week, attention was brought to the group of a safari scam. The trigger: Mr. Steve Irwin (or rather 'Red Hogan') as the last staff member???
Enjoy reading some of the staff profiles:

I apologize for being brief, but I must finish packing! I anticipate a great summer, and I hope to update this blog as much as possible.

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